M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy 1 oz. Solid Silver Round is an exclusive Osborne Mint Collectible. Only available through our online store, Shop-The-Mint.

These unique solid silver collectibles actually spin!

M51 was the first spiral structure ever observed by Lord Rosse in 1850 at a time when the true nature of galaxies was unknown. Its undeniable beauty explains its recognition as a true showpiece of the night sky. Probably less appreciated is that M51 represents a dramatic demonstration of an interacting pair of galaxies; NGC 5194 (also known as M51A) represents the magnificent spiral, while NGC 5195 (also known as M51B) is likely an irregular type dwarf galaxy now located behind the larger spiral galaxy. As truly immense structures, galaxies are relatively large compared to the average distance between them. Most galaxies are separated by a distance of only 20 times their diameter compared to stars which are separated by 10 million times their diameter. As a result, most galaxies are likely to encounter other galaxies at least a few times over their immense lifetimes. The encounters run the gamut from "major" mergers involving the collision of two comparable mass galaxies to more "minor" mergers involving the consumption of a small companion or satellite galaxy by the more dominant galaxy.

Each Round is numbered and paired with a matching numbered certificate and delivered in a capsule. Every coin has a protective coating so that you can spin it and not worry about fingerprints making it easy to clean!

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