The most hotly watched and commented on fight of 2020 - the fight for the presidency of the US.  In this corner, we have current President Donald J. Trump, Republican. In the other corner is (former) Vice President Joe Biden, Democrat.

They are both vying for the biggest prize in the world, the President of the United States of America. Who will win? That's for the people to decide.

Here are the details:
Both men are die-struck in deep relief with one side showing the words Trump vs. Biden along the top edge. The image shows a right-facing President Trump in a classic "fist pump" stance with the words Election 2020 to his right.

The reverse shows Vice President Biden facing left, also with his fist raised in a "bring it on" stance and has Biden vs. Trump curved on the top of the coin. Election 2020 is also on this side of the coin.

The commemorative coin is made from golden brass sourced in the United States and struck at the oldest private mint in America, located in Cincinnati, OH. It weighs in at 0.061 pounds and measures 1.54" (39mm) in diameter. The brass used is 10 gauge and feels hefty and solid in the hand. Each coin is lacquered to preserve the shiny, reflective surface and to inhibit tarnishing. 

Osborne Mint has a long history of creating coins and medallions for presidents and contenders, dating back to Abraham Lincoln's first (and second) run for President of the United States.
Our products are 100% made in the USA. Every purchase supports jobs for American Workers. 
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