In demonstration of the mass of humanity that was the Democratic Presidential primary campaign, this coin enables the bearer to spin for a chance to name the Democrat’s top contender.  Four of the umpteen candidates for the nomination are minted on the coin: Biden, Warren, Sanders and Buttigieg along with four of their party’s donkey mascot for symmetry.  Like the instructions on the face of the coin read: “Can’t decide?  SPIN.”

These rounds have a finished size of 1.54” in diameter, slightly larger than a United States Silver Dollar, which enables these pieces to present their messaging in bold detail.  Each coin is made of 100% highly polished golden brass and includes a lacquered finish to prevent tarnishing.  These pieces are completely designed and manufactured by Osborne Coin in Cincinnati, OH and are held to the highest of production standards for quality.

Osborne Coin produces many political items but they do not officially endorse or support any political issues or candidates.

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