We have received overwhelming feedback from FaceBook followers and collectors about their favorite design from our Copper Cannabis Collection coin designs so our team has minted this collectible piece just for you.

We have combined the Big Leaf and Hidden Leaf designs onto one Solid Silver round. The front features our Big Leaf design while the Reverse showcases the exciting Hidden Leaf patter. Each coin is edge marked with .999 FS.

The Big Leaf design is an abstract impression of the marijuana leaf embedded in a host of various shapes and textures.  The reflective center of each fan of the leaf engages one to stare not at the coin, but into the coin.

Our Hidden Leaf design provides a different feel. You have to look closely at this side to find the hidden cannabis leaf in the background and covered by a bunch of smaller leaves. This side is very unique to the touch due to the pattern. 

The Big Leaf Hidden Lead solid silver round is shipped in an acrylic capsule to protect your purchase from the elements and against residue left during handling.

Osborne Mint products are proudly made in the USA. Your purchase supports jobs for American workers in the USA.

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