NGC 224 Andromeda Spiral Galaxy 1 oz. Solid Silver Round. This Osborne Mint collectible is only available through our online store, Shop-The-Mint.

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M31 has played a pivotal historical role in astronomy. Early observers saw the soft, foggy patch of glowing light as just another spiral nebula but weren't yet equipped with the knowledge to appreciate its nature. The true nature of M31 began to become clear in 1923. In that year Edwin Hubble, using the just completed 100 inch Hooker telescope at the Mount Wilson observatory, made his monumental discovery of Cepheid Variable stars in M31 and in one stroke forever changed the astronomical paradigm of the universe as we know it.

Appropriately interpreting the Cepheid data, Hubble was the first to appreciate the faint nebula in Andromeda as an "island universe", an immense galaxy in its own right, similar to our Milky Way.

Hubble's work opened the door to the modern interpretation of the universe which we now know consists of countless galaxies all receding from each other. M31 has the distinction of being the nearest of all spirals at a distance of 2.5 million light-years. Its disk, tilted toward the earth by some 13 degrees, exposes the grandeur of its spiral structure and star systems to telescopic exploration.

NGC 224 Andromeda Spiral Galaxy is an Osborne Mint Exclusive Solid Silver Collectible Round.

Each Round is numbered and paired with a matching numbered certificate and delivered in a protective capsule. Every coin has a protective coating so that you can spin it and not worry about fingerprints making it easy to clean!

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