Propaganda art like you have never seen it before. War posters are a highly collectible art form and an amazing part of our history.

The brilliantly colored minutemen from 1778 stand in the background, silently supporting their 1943 brothers-at-arms. Fighting for our freedom, immortalized on a 2 ounce, .999 fine silver "canvas".  

The common reverse shows the weight, purity with the grittiness of the fight with soldiers advancing through gunfire and smoke while flanked by tanks and aircraft

The approximate dimensions of the limited edition ingot are 2.50" x 1.70".  Only 2,500 of each design will be minted. Each ingot is individually numbered, packed in a custom-fitted capsule and has a corresponding certificate of authenticity. 

Art and coin collectors don't miss your opportunity to add this unique piece to your collection. 

Proudly made with quality craftsmanship in the USA.