A dynamic re-creation of the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is the 4th and final release in the American Legacy Collection. The original version was one of the least circulated and most significant coins in American currency history.

The Osborne Mint’s replica of the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is 39.1 mm in diameter, over 10% larger than the original U.S. Government’s minted coin and is one full ounce of .999 pure fine silver.

This release was designed to honor and memorialize both the coin and the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.  Modern techniques allowed Osborne Mint to engrave this round ten times deeper than standard rounds, enabling an enhanced view of all the details.  The convex shape of the round highlights this artistic detail – the relief is so deep that the round an actually hold water.  The reverse of the round a mirror image of the front.  Each round is individually edge numbered and certified to the highest of minting standards by Osborne Mint. It comes packed in a protective capsule and with a matching certificate of authenticity. The mintage on this round is 10,000 pieces. 

Currently available in Proof Finish. 

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