The Silver Opening Day 2020 rounds represent Osborne Mint’s foray into singular design silver rounds featuring images from a variety of current topics. This silver round features the battery getting ready for the pitch. The single focus of the pitcher on the batter drowns out the noise as they get back to baseball. Opening Day 2020 won’t be something any baseball enthusiast will soon forget (if there even IS an opening day) , and the timeless image on the coin illustrates the essence of baseball: A game between the pitcher and batter and an escape for 9 innings.

The modernized Americana reverse proudly displays many images of the USA, from the flag, shield, and eagle wings to the (Easter Egg Alert!) silhouette city skyline. In addition, the reverse design clearly identities the .999 purity of the silver used in the round alongside the weight. Each round is embossed with the O/M mint mark, a representation of the manufacturer and quality assurance collectors have come to expect from Osborne Mint.

Each round boasts fully reeded edges and comes packed in a plastic capsule to preserve them for generations. While Opening Day may not happen, this round will commemorate baseball (or the lack thereof) during a pandemic.  Made 100% in the USA.